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Short Novena from Mother Theresa

Novena from Mother Theresa


#MiniBulletin 01. Why Go To Church?

“Some people today say, ‘Christ, yes; the church, no’, like they say, ‘i believe in God, but not in priests’,” the Pope said. Such a position does not make sense because “it is the Church that brings us Christ and brings us to God. The Church is the great family of God’s children”.

During his weekly general audience on May 29, the Pope announced he would begin a series of audience talks about the Church.

“The Church is the great family of children of God,” he said. “certainly it has human aspects from the members who compromise it, pastors and faithful. They have defects, imperfections, sins. Even the Pope has them – and he has many – but what is beautiful is that when we become aware that we are sinners, we find the mercy of God. God always forgives. Don’t forget this. God always forgives.”

“Sin is an offence against God, but it’s also an opportunity. Humiliation can lead one to see there is something beautiful awaiting you : the mercy of God. Think about this.”

God plans to unite all humanity into one family where everyone recognizes the birthright as a child of God and loved by Him : “The Church is born from God’s desire to call all people into communion with Him and to participate in His divine life.”

#LittlePilgrimage 01. Novena Church (Church of St. Alphonsus)

so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

and i so started my Little Pilgrimage today.

#LittlePilgrimage 01. Novena Church (Church of St. Alphonsus), 300 Thomson Road.

01. Novena Church01 01. Novena Church02i reached Novena Church by MRT, because it’s quite far from my place. well,, my place is quite far from everywhere. haha.

stop at the Novena Church Station, then take the Exit B. take the escalator upstairs. you will be in the middle of a shopping mall (idk what’s the mall name). go straight from the escalator, you’ll see an exit door. the church is about 200 m on your right side. walk there and after a bus stop, you’ll see this church.

this is obviously a very old church.

the aisle is very narrow. there are like 10 or 12 fan on the wall, but it’s still hot in there. i don’t know if it was just the weather or this church is always as hot as today. i took the 5.30pm mass by the way.

i can say that mostly people attended the mass are filipinos.

this church has some ushers that will welcome you when you entering the church, and will help you to find a seat. even for the “regular-late-people” to sit at the front seat, and insist us to make space for them.

those kind of ushers are common in some churches.

and for me it’s annoying. i think, if you come early to the church, take the front seat, sit and enjoy your peaceful moment to pray. if you come late for the mass, sit at the back of the aisle or at the chairs outside, and try not to disturb some people who’s on their prays.

so yeah,, besides the ushers and the hot temperature inside the church, too crowded to enjoy the mass peacefully, the toilet is quite nice,, but people don’t take a good care of it,, so it becomes dirty.

everything else is okay.

and what’s special about this church? many people said their wishes and prayers are came true after they visit this church. (:

and this is the wiki about Novena Church (Church of St. Alphonsus) :

Catholic Church List in Singapore

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (1832)
Church of St. Alphonsus (Novena Church) (1935)
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (1888)
Church of St Bernadette (1959)
Church of St Michael (1961)
Church of St Teresa (1929)
Church of Sts Peter and Paul (1870)
Church of the Sacred Heart (1910)
St Joseph’s Church (1851)


Church of St Francis Xavier (1959)
Church of St Vincent de Paul (1970)
Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (1953)
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1852)
St Anne’s Church (1963)


Church of Christ the King (1982)
Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea (1949)
Church of St Anthony (1927)
Church of the Holy Spirit (1960)
Church of the Risen Christ (1971)
St Joseph Church (BT) – 1846


Church of Divine Mercy (2010)
Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (1961)
Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace (1954)
Church of St Stephen (1966)
Church of the Holy Family (1936)
Church of the Holy Trinity (1988)


Blessed Sacrament Church (1963)
Church of St Francis of Assisi (1976)
Church of St Ignatius (1961)
Church of St Mary of the Angels (1970)
Church of the Holy Cross (1980)