#LittlePilgrimage 11. Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus (Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus)

since i went back to my hometown,, i didn’t do my little pilgrimage in singapore. instead,, i did it in my hometown.

#LittlePilgrimage 32. Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus,  Jl. Kapten Ismail No 128 Tegal, Indonesia.

HKY Tegal01 - CopyCopy of HKY Tegal07 HKY Tegal08did i tell you about people in my hometown bulldozed the whole church to the ground and built a new one? i missed the “church” feelings i get when the old church was still there. the new building looks much much more fancy. it clearly shows how rich the catholic people here are. how they really want to boast about.

i remember the first time i stepped in to this new building (5 years ago?),, i almost felt like take off my shoes (you know–it’s a kinda old tradition to take off your shoes when you were entering a rich people’s house, because we don’t even want to put one single dust on that place).

i remember the old church, there were quite a lot of old people came for the weekly mass with their old clothes, some were look so poor. now with this new arrogant building, i couldn’t see poor people come in for the mass. they must be in doubt if they allowed to come in or not. must be in doubt if this fancy building are made for everyone. because now people are dress up for the mass.

shiny floor, polished benches, a lot of aircon, fancy ceiling, copper chandelier,, how fancy. how cocky. is a church something you want to boast about??

PS : i took this exterior from google, because i forgot my phone. a bit disappointing. next time i went home, i will bring my phone and update the pic. i’m also excited i found the old church pic! :”D ❤

no one has ever wrote the wiki about this church. maybe i’ll do it next time. meanwhile,, i can only found this blog which looks not so formal : http://parokihkytegal.wordpress.com

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