#LittlePilgrimage 13. Gereja St. Theresia (Church of St. Theressa)

i went back to my home-country : Indonesia, this week. i stopped by at Gereja St. Theresia (Church of St. Theressa) to have a Mass there.

#LittlePilgrimage 33. Gereja St. Theresia, Jl.Gereja Theresia No.2 Jakarta, Indonesia 10350

St.Theresia Jkt01St.Theresia03copyi went to this church since i moved to Jakarta, June 2010. and i went to the same church ever since for almost 3 years (until i got a job in lion city and left my home-country for good). indonesian Mass at 9:30am or english Mass at 11:30am, this church has granted many of my wishes, and one of them was the greatest of all; the one i had never expected! :”D

anywho, i found this exterior pic from google, and amazed how small this church looks like. becayse it was actually bigger than you saw on this pic. the interior was so simple, with the holy cross located not in the exact middle of the altar, and saint Theresia was standing at the right-hand side of the altar.

i can say that this is one simple church located in the middle of nice neighborhood in Jakarta. and i don’t mind to go there everytime i touch down Jakarta.

interesting point of this church? well–i can say there’s a nice ayam goreng tulang lunak near this church! 😀 and it’s located near sarinah shopping center. :’) there’s also a nice shady and quiet Mother Mary’s garden at the side of the church.

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