#LittlePilgrimage 14. Church Of St. Ignatius

oh i miss my #LittlePilgrimage!! i miss my personal adventure so much!! and so today i start to continue my #LittlePilgrimage and as i am now helping the canteen on the first and the second sunday of the month,, it means i can only do my #LittlePilgrimage on the third, fourth or fifth sunday.

ok. so i have this weird idea of doing a mission : go and have mass on each and every catholic church in singapore. it means i’ll go to different churches every week, having a mass there, enjoy the peaceful moment to pray, then go home. this mission i called #LittlePilgrimage Mission.

#LittlePilgrimage 14. Church Of St. Ignatius, 120 King’s Road, Singapore 268172

Copy of ignatiusCopy of DSC_1086 Copy of DSC_1094i was attending this silent retreat of kingsmead, and it happened to be located just next to this church. a post-modern church, i might say. with cold-cement floor, wooden ceilings, asymmetrical altar, this is so a non common catholic church.

as i entered the room, the holy water was there, a big box with overflowing water which will be enough for everyone. never seen this kind of thing before. the two big screens automatically rolled up after the Mass ended. another fancy church. after all, we are here to attend the Mass, to hear God’s messages, not to admire or mock the building.

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