#LittlePilgrimage 18. Church Of The Holy Trinity

as promised, i’m back with my #LittlePilgrimige this mid June. i must finished this pilgrimage in singapore within this year, as i have a plan to do pilgrimage outside singapore next year.

#LittlePilgrimage 18. Church of Holy Trinity, 20 Tampines Street 11, Singapore 529455

trinity - CopyCopy of DSC_1351 Copy (2) of DSC_1351DSC_1356 - Copyi was lucky because there was a straight bus from my place to holy trinity church. i planned to attend the 11:15am Mass. since i stay in the west and the church was in east cost, i reckoned it will takes about 2 hours by bus. so i left my place around 9am.

i arrived at holy trinity church before 10am. much earlier than i expected. so i decided to walk around the church first, since the Mass will begin at 11:15. about 10 minutes later, i walked into the church. i couldn’t find the holy water around the front door, so i asked to the 2 young girls who were standing in the front door as greeters/ushers. they said there is no holy water. it didn’t sound right. then i asked them where is the Mass room? – because what i saw in front of the glass door in front of me was a small room with a small stage–looked like an altar. but they replied, there is no Mass, this is anglican, not a catholic church. but they welcomed me to join their service.

anyway, i came to this place from far away and i didn’t have plan b. i didn’t want to come this far and went back home empty handed. so i thought to join their service. i did attend the protestant service, i did attend the buddhism service in a vihara, i did watch many times my muslim friends pray,, we all have one same God after all, aren’t we?

so i sat there, at the back row of the room, tried to enjoy the service. considered this as another experience–i obviously will stay on my roman catholicism forever. as i sat there, a nice old lady handed me over a book which looked like a service book. the right page of the book was written in chinese characters, the left page written in english.

few minutes later the service started. and it started in chinese–not english! and all these questions in my head i was trying to hide were all popped out : 11:15am supposed to be an english Mass, why is this in chinese? now it’s only 10:05am, not even 11am yet! and the ushers said this is not a Mass? if this is not a catholic church, then why is this church appeared on my catholic church list??

i stood up, seek for the ushers and showed them the web i found on archdiocese of Singapore. one of them said that this church i was attending, was a holy trinity church (hamilton rd), an anglican church. and the church i showed them on the web was The Church of Holy Trinity (tampines rd), a roman catholic church. and it located far away from this church, i probably wouldn’t make it for 11:15 Mass, unless i took a cab which was quite rare in this area.

i tried my luck. i run back to the bus stop, after some minutes later the bus #67 came. i counted on streetdirectory again, as i didn’t have any other options. stopped at bedok reservoir road, then changed bus to #18. it was 11:17am when i finally arrived at the church i was looking for. the opening song has just started, and as lucky as usual, i found a seat at the back row, even if the church was over-crowded because it our Archbishop, William Goh was conducting the Mass.

it was funny because during the sermon, the preach said that the anglican and roman catholic are different. that they are not united yet, that we shouldn’t go to anglican.

The Church of The Holy Trinity, located in Tampines road, is the roman catholic one. and the other one is Holy Trinity Church located in hamilton road, is the anglican one. if you searched on google, they both look the same–same pale building with chinese characters on the wall. and if you can’t read chinese, you will also think they are the same.

interesting point about The Church of The Holy Trinity, that Jesus wasn’t nailed on the cross–HE has risen on this church! Alleluia! 😀

this is the web of this church : http://www.holytrinity.org.sg/

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