#LittlePilgrimage 19. Church of St. Stephen

as promised, i’m back with my #LittlePilgrimige this mid June. i must finished this pilgrimage in singapore within this year, as i have a plan to do pilgrimage outside singapore next year.

#LittlePilgrimage 19. Church of St. Stephen, 30 Sallim Road, Singapore 387639

DSC_1366 - Copy DSC_1369 - Copy DSC_1372 - CopyI went to church of st.Stephen couple of weeks ago (22 June). my plan was going to our lady perpetual succour church for the morning mass, because my bus passed by this church during my trip to holy trinity church the previous week. in the middle of my journey, I suddenly remember I haven’t checked the mass schedule of our lady perpetual succour (OLPS) church. i was in the bus, 9:15am when I checked their web and found out the mass schedule was on 10:30am,, and I don’t think I could make it to their morning mass, and the next mass will be in the evening. and another important note, this church held bahasa (Indonesian) mass every first Sunday of the month!

so, plan changed. I didn’t have much choice as I was already in the middle of bus #67. and the only possible church in the east area with the same bus number was this st. Stephen church.

I didn’t know why the bus didn’t take usual route that day. it was going to other direction, so I had to stop at our lady of Lourdes church, walked few blocks away to the bus stop at Victoria street. as I was waiting for the bus #66 to come, I looked around and noticed that I was standing in front of a muslim cemetery, the exact crime scene where the police found the legs of the mutilated victim just few days ago. there’s somehow a cool and creepy sensation in the same time.

bus #66 finally arrived several minutes later. as my bus was passing the lavender street, I saw the same café I visited last week, the name is the coffee shop. it was a nice café, nice interior and nice food as well, it’s always crowded with tourists. but this time I noticed that the café was located in the intersection of lavender street and cavan road—In bahasa, cavan (read : kafan) is a white sheet muslim people use to cover the dead body before they put it in the grave—the body wrapped with cavan we called it ‘pocong’. okay,, 2 creepy stuffs in the same day.

finally bus #66 stopped at merpati road, then I walked around 400m to the church of st. Stephen. I guess the church had been under renovation recently, as it looks like an old building but still in a good condition. there’s a miniature model of this church (I took the pic!).

it wasn’t hard to find this church, but the truth that I had to pass the famous cemetery and the cavan road made me think twice if I had to visit this church again next time. anyway, the interior of the church was nice, and st. Stephen greeted us inside the building—not at the gate as st. Francis Xavier does.

and this is the web of the church : http://www.ststephenchurch.org/

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