#LittlePilgrimage 20. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

as promised, i’m back with my #LittlePilgrimige this mid June. i must finished this pilgrimage in singapore within this year, as i have a plan to do pilgrimage outside singapore next year.

#LittlePilgrimage 20. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, 31 Siglap Hill, Singapore 456085

Copy of body-bg-4Copy of CYMERA_20140706_175617 Copy of CYMERA_20140706_175122Copy of 1404637502397last Sunday I went to church of our lady of perpetual succour, because it was the first Sunday of the month the church held the mass in my language : bahasa Indonesia! this is the third time and the second church I went for bahasa mass since I lived in Singapore. I was so happy to hear people worship, praying and singing in the familiar language 😀

and the great thing was, I only need to take 1 straight bus from my place to this church. the mass was in 3:30pm. since I live in west area and the church was located in the far east, I reckoned it will take about 2 hours for me to arrived there. I took bus #67 before 1pm, and apparently I arrived at kembangan mrt station at 2pm, just 1 bus stop away from the church. I was way too early for the mass.

I spent almost 1 hour at a small café at kembangan mrt station, wasted my time with a new app I installed on my phone. just before 3pm, I took any bus to the church—it was only 500m from kembangan station. when I stepped out of the bus, it was start raining. actually I only needed to cross the street to reach the church, but as my hand was groping the umbrella inside the bag, the rain has became heavier, and in few seconds it became 30 degrees heavy and windy rain.

the few steps to cross the street has wet my half clothes to the shoes. my beautiful church shoes!! –yes I have a special pair of shoes only for church! haha. not many people attended the Indonesian mass, I think we only occupied 1/5 of the bench. but I did enjoy the mass in my language, I also enjoy shaking hands with strangers on ‘the sign of peace’ during the mass, while saying “damai Kristus” (in Christ’s peace), not just nodding our heads like Singaporeans do—for me it has lost the meaning as we supposed to shake hands because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

after the mass, there’s Indonesian food sale at the canteen at the basement. I happily took lapis legit, lapis Surabaya, lemper ayam and arem-arem (some of these food I can find at bengawan solo). today I satisfied my ear, my heart, and my tounge!

unique points : this church has a unique roof shape, colorful flags in front of the church, the blue-and-white sheets at the ceiling inside the church and especially was the hidden message! I hope everyone who visit this church could find the hidden message on the floor like I did :”D

here’s the web of this church : http://www.olps.sg/

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