In Small Things

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” ~ Teresa of Calcutta.

The gift that the lover desires be imprinted in the memory of the beloved is the one he holds to be the greatest. Christ says: “Remember that I died”; he does not say: “Remember that I created you, that I became incarnate, that I became present in the Eucharist.” Therefore, the greatest gift is his death.

This truth is confirmed in the following: That demonstration of love which the lover displays and reaffirms most is the one he holds as the greatest. Christ reaffirmed his death and nothing else. Though he had infinite benefits at his disposal, he only granted us his death. Therefore, this is the greatest.

Furthermore, Christ’s other gifts can be referred to but not represented. Death can be referred to, recommended, and represented. Therefore, not only is his death the greatest gift, but it is the summation of them all. I prove it thus: Christ through his death repeats for us the benefits of creation, because with his death he restores it to its original grace. Christ through his death reiterates the gift of preservation, not only because he preserves temporal life, dying in order that we may live, but because he gives us his flesh and blood for sustenance. Christ through his death recapitulates for us the benefits of the Incarnation, because whereas in the Incarnation he is united with the most pure flesh of his Mother, in his death he becomes united to us all, shedding his blood for all. Only apparently is the Eucharist not represented in his death because the Eucharist itself is the representation of his death. And this proves that the greatest demonstration of love is his death.

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