#LittlePilgrimage 21. Church of The Holy Family

i said i wanted to finished all the church in singapore within this year, but i am not too sure. i still have plenty to go, and now i am not sure i have that much time to go around singapore every monday. anywho, i’ll do my best. this year or next year, i will and i must finished all the roman catholic church in singapore. –looking forward for the church in japan. i hope i have time to visit one of them during my holiday soon.

#LittlePilgrimage 21. Church of The Holy Family, 6 Chapel Road, Singapore 429509


copy of familycopy DSC_1704 copy of Altar

i went to this church on 29 Aug, it was a beautiful sunny morning and i planned to go in 11:30 am Mass. i reckoned it will take about 2 hour to go to this church from my place. but what i didn’t reckon is, the bus was rarely go there. so i waited quite long time and i thought i wouldn’t reach there in time if i didn’t take a cab. my mistake.

so i took a cab, and reached the church within 30 min. it was before 11 am, so i had plenty of time to choose the best seat, pray, and observe the room before the Mass started. i noticed a painting of Mary on the wall, the blue color was very captivating even though it was located quite afar from my seat. i also noticed the beautiful stained glass above the altar, the sunlight from outside reflects its beauty on the altar floor.

i found out the church was nice, ground floor for car park, the church was on the 2nd and 3rd floor. i seated on the 3rd floor, and it was quite noisy because a lot of kids playing around during the Mass. this reminds me of sunday school back in bandung, Indonesia. i agree that the church supposed to have a sunday school, so that young kids can learn at the school, meanwhile the parents attend the Mass. or else, parents who have young kids who couldn’t stay quiet for about 1 hour, should sit at the corner back near the exit door, so they wouldn’t disturb others during the Mass. this is only my opinion. i know some parents always want to sit in front of the altar, so the kids can have the blessings too–well, that was selfish if you can’t keep your kids quiet.

anywho, after the Mass, i decided to walk along the east coast road, and found out there are many kinds of restaurants along the road. i stopped and had my lunch at indonesian restaurant, which is very nice! there are also chinese restaurants, malay/peranakan, many kinds of western restaurants, cafes,, etc.., i have to go there again and try another restaurant after the mass!

and this is the web of the church : http://www.holyfamily.org.sg/

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