#LittlePilgrimage 22. Church Of Divine Mercy

next on my #LittlePilgrimage around east district,

#LittlePilgrimage 22. Church Of Divine Mercy, 19 Pasir Ris Street 72, Singapore 518771

DivineMercy CYMERA_20140921_131148CYMERA_20140921_131311i went to this church on 21 Sept. i planned to go for 11:30am Mass, so i took bus to woodlands. from woodlands i took to bus #168 and it went through a highway. i wasn’t really sure where i was at, so i asked the lady who was in the same bus with me, and she started to speak in mandarin. 😦 #selfnote : learn mandarin!!!!!! finally she told me she will stop at the same stop with me so i don’t need to worry. we then stopped in the middle of a highway, bus stop just next to epiphany church. i wonder why is this church located in the middle of a highway? couldn’t see any housings around. but anywho, i just stopped there for a while and changed to bus #39.

2 stops away from the previous bus stop, then we stopped in front of pasir ris west plaza. it was a super hot day, i didn’t feel like walking. my streetdirectory told me the church was behind this shopping mall, so i supposed i could get in and went to the back door. i stopped for a while to ask a man where the church was, and the church was there! the next building, just few steps away. just nice.

the church doesn’t look like the traditional catholic church–it even has a flat roof, not the hip roof. the building was well-blended with the HDBs around it. but as i walked in, i saw a beautiful cylinder–tempered glass? with Jesus on it. very beautiful, very colorful. the huge size literally greets everyone at the porch. stepped into the Mass room, i was immediately stunned at the cross above the altar. the cross was flying, the crown of thorns was huge, way bigger than the cross itself. and it was the first Jesus statue i saw with so many scars–He looked like wearing a torn clothes cover up his body but we all know it was his skin! we know Jesus was tortured his skin and flesh was ripped apart, but most of the statues they show only the five holy wounds. i really love this statue and i think i hurt my neck because i stared at it almost all the time. haha.

it was nice because this church located just next to a shopping mall, so i don’t have to worry about my lunch and i got my foot reflex there 😀

official web for this church : http://www.divinemercy.sg/



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