#LittlePilgrimage 23. Church Of Our Lady Queen of Peace

last sunday, 28 sept, i visited the last church at east district,

#LittlePilgrimage 23. Church Of Our Lady Queen of Peace, 4 Sandy Lane, Singapore 437321

CYMERA_20140928_160003DSC_1740CYMERA_20140928_154310 it was a special day because my friend was going to meet me at that church, on the 10:45am Mass. it means, i had to wake up very early in the morning to get there. it was sunday, i supposed to wake up late but this time i woke up at 7 and somehow i felt ready for my long journey. 😀

my streetdirectory suggested me to took bus 971e. i spent around 15 minutes and the bus never came. #selfnote : never take that 971e!!!! so i had to quick change to plan B, which was bus 67, but that bus usually have a slow driver and i was afraid i couldn’t make it on time–i hate being late! so i took plan C; mrt and bus ride.

i arrived at the church 30 minutes before the Mass started. i walked around the church but couldn’t find anything interesting. i wasted my time few more minutes around the gift shop to wait my friend. she finally arrived with her parents, and we went inside the church together. there was nothing so special about this church. everything was fine. only the altar was look like one of the altar’s church i went before but i don’t remember which church. i found these interesting green tiles in front of the altar.

and here’s the official web of this church: http://www.queenofpeace.sg/

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