#LittlePilgrimage 24. Blessed Sacrament Church

i was so excited to start and finish west district as fast as i could, but then i fell sick for the past few days. i was supposed to go for 10:45am Mass, but i was still at my bed until quite late. but then before 10 o’clock, i suddenly had this urge to go. so i jumped out of the bed, had a quick shower and rushed to the church.

streetdirectory told me it will took about 1 hour from my place to that church it was 10:05am when i finally get into the bus. and as we all know–nothing impossible in God’s plan, right? the bus took me to the church very quick, and i still had 10 min before the Mass started. awesome!

#LittlePilgrimage 24. Blessed Sacrament Church, 1 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 149603

CYMERA_20141005_121940CYMERA_20141005_121221CYMERA_20141005_121313i like the truth about visiting west area, which means i don’t need to take 2 hours bus journey which is quite fun but tiring.

when my bus finally stopped in front of the church, i remember i passed by this church several times and didn’t think it was roman catholic one. i always in this narrow thought–that roman catholic church supposed to use saint’s name?’ and who would think this building is a roman catholic church by at glance? it does look like a tent from the outside!

but once i stepped into the church, i immediately fell in love with this church! the red bricks and woods are always the best mix for interior! the design of this building definitely not the european style, instead it reminds me of some churches back in my home country. this church looks very unique and humble–very traditional, unique yet simple design, and even the gong! i love the gong!! i even like the futuristic-shuttlecock-ceiling lamp–too bad i forgot to take picture of the one and only futuristic thing i could find in this building–so far! i really love the red bricks and woods combination, and how they put all the statues in white colour to keep it simple. nicely done!

i also like the fact there’s one direct bus from my place to this church, and one direct bus from this church to orchard! haha. i didn’t feel so good but i had to take my orchard dose! haha.

this is the official web for this church : http://www.bsc.org.sg/


2 thoughts on “#LittlePilgrimage 24. Blessed Sacrament Church

  1. hello, hope you are feelin better by now! the combination of bricks and wood rendered the interior dim, peaceful, and a conducive setting… to doze off in mass haha. and the lighting from the fluorescent tubes in the unique umbrella setup did not interrupt me from falling asleep during homily lol the only renovation on the church by far i remembered is the installation of air-conditioning system in 2003. from an aerial view, the layout of the church is in the shape of a giant cross. at the compound of the church used to be what we called a little zoo of some kind, where there were rearing of animals that included rabbits, a goat, etc which now instead you will see a small pond where you can spend some outdoor alone time with a statue of Jesus. this place holds a lot of memories for me: this is where i was an altar server when we were still playing pokemon (yes the gong is majestic, we used to hit it harder until after a while the priest gave feedback! ) this is where i was baptised even before i come to know my name. this is where it all began for me.

    but i did not just stay in my parish. when i was at novena church – the first stop you made on your pilgrimage- i saw a map, before the canteen, which locates all the catholic churches island wide. So since 4 years ago, i also had this same intention as your’s to explore all the catholic churches in the country, difference is it only remained an intention i never acted on. or at least, not yet hahaha rather than a weird idea which you claimed in your earlier posts, i would actually say it’s a commendable one, since you actually executed it 🙂

    the closest i have done was only to church-hop to more accessible areas. St Theresa’s which i fondly remember as the hill-top church, isolates itself from urban areas and you are able to look across to the skyline of the CBD after mass. Sacred Hearts is like having the best of both worlds to be in the middle of Orchard and Clark quay. The lightings in its interior bring you to another dimension and the singing kind of have this latin feel…? The proximity of St Joseph’s at Victoria Street and St Andrew’s Cathedral draws the question if singapore is really that cramped, especially after seeing two mega german motors mercedes and BMW cheek to cheek after ikea alexandra.

    2 yrs ago I finally settled for St Bernardette’s Church (SBC ) arcoss the not-so-great-as-its-name great world city like you said hahaha if there is anything else unique about SBC besides its indonesian mass, for me it will be the bulletins which offer insightful thoughts and most of all the parish priest Fr Samuel. I have never seen a priest who does homily like a talk show and also using a lot of interesting and fresh analogies. if we each of us take on a small quality in the image of God, i would say Fr Samuel took after the humorous side of God haha glad he found his calling to be a priest instead of a comedian!

    with the aid of your detailed descriptions, i m able to imagine myself experiencing the churches you went and all that effort you been through… nice pictures you took there, some looked like they weren’t even in singapore, i mean of course besides the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your hometown. great work, BAGUS!!! :):)

    • hello Alex,
      thanks for your opinion, really appreciate it.
      please don’t forget to subscribe and spread these articles with our friends.
      have a long weekend! 🙂

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