#LittlePilgrimage 34. Church Of The Holy Spirit

#LittlePilgrimage 34. Church Of The Holy Spirit, 248 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574371

Copy of hspiritCopy of DSC_2192Copy of DSC_2187so today i decided to go for a bahasa Mass in this church at 3:30PM. this supposed to be the last church i’ve been visited all around singapore. i was expecting a normal adventure just like my previous #LittlePilgrimage i have done. but apparently, this time was a little bit different.

when one of the warden came and talked to me, and asked my help for the psalm singer, i couldn’t reject it. obviously this is how God finally answered my longing after more than 3 years i didn’t sing in the church.

so it’s a date! next month i’ll be helping this church.

how to go to this church from my office – change to bus #74 and stop at macritchie reservoir – change to bus #52, 3 stops later stop just in front of the church. going back is easier, take bus #52 to bukit timah plaza.

here’s the official web of the church : http://www.holyspirit.sg/

see you next month! 😀 😀

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