What Do You Want for Christmas

I want to see the truth and beauty, love and inspiration that is all around and inside of me. I yearn to live from my soul moment to moment, greeting each joy and challenge with the fullness of my being. In the depths of winter, I want to find the light through and beyond the darkness. And it’s not exclusive to midwinter either, it’s my gift for the whole year through!

This touching video beautifully shows children expressing what they truly want for Christmas: love, connection and time with their parents, above any other gift! Seven year old Bobby captured the deeper meaning of Christmas wonderfully when he said “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas, if you stop opening presents and listen.”

May you find and express your hearts desire and your souls longing this midwinter solstice period, in whatever way is right for you. May you be full with love, joy and inspiration this festive season and into the new year.




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