#MoralStory: “God If You’re here, please open this door!”

It was Sunday morning and I was almost ready for the church. I had to conduct the choir for Bach’s song, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring. For someone who can’t play any instrument and never learned musical notation, I found this song is very challenging. But I did practice with the choir group since 3 weeks ago and I listened to it from youtube everyday. I even practiced it early this morning too.

As I was almost ready for the church, I saw my phone was lying on the bed still charging 89%, so I thought to wait for another 1 more percent. I left my bag next to my phone so I didn’t forget to put it inside before I walked out from the house, then I walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I slammed my bedroom door slowly.

In a split second, I noticed the door was locked from the inside! My keys, my phone, and everything was in my bag, on the bed next to my phone! I was locked in the living room! I looked around, and told myself that this must be a dream!

It can’t be happening, right? Lord Jesus, you know I supposed to go to church! You know I’ve been practicing this song everyday! You know the choir was expecting me to attend the Mass and conduct for that special song! I need to go to church! God if you’re here, please open this door! It can’t be happening now!! Read More »