On This Earth For A Purpose

We are on this earth for a purpose. To discover that purpose and fulfil it is our mission in life. The idea of service and a true sense of duty cannot be separated from a fruitful human existence; they are at its very essence. Anyone who fails in these essentials… Will never find the road to self knowledge.

Following St Matthew

But Saint Matthew was exposed to an additional temptation… For he not only possessed, but he was engaged also in the pursuit of wealth….

The danger of possessing riches is the carnal security to which they lead; that of desiring and pursuing them is that an object of this world is thus set before us as the aim and end of life. It seems to be the will of Christ that his followers should have no aim or end, pursuit or business, merely of this world…. It is his will that all we do should be done, not unto men, or to the world, or to self, but to his glory; and the more we are enabled to do this simply, the more favoured we are. Whenever we act with reference to an object of this world, even though it be ever so pure, we are exposed to the temptation – (not irresistible, God forbid!) still to the temptation – of setting our hearts upon obtaining it. And therefore, we call all such objects excitements, as stimulating us incongruously, casting us out of the serenity and stability of heavenly faith, attracting us aside by their proximity from our harmonious round of duties, and making our thoughts converge to something short of that which is infinitely high and eternal….Read More »