#ShortNews: Catholic church in Somaliland reopens, then closes

A Catholic church in Somaliland reopened after 30 years on July 29 but was closed a week later under pressure from the local Muslim population.

Somaliland is a de facto independent region within Somalia, where the practice of Christianity is forbidden. Somaliland’s government permitted the restoration and reopening of St. Anthony of Padua Church in Hargeisa, a city of 1.5 million, and highlighted the region’s relative commitment to freedom of worship.

Eight days after the church’s reopening, however, Skeikh Khalil Abdullahi, Somaliland’s religious affairs ministers, announced that “the government has decided to respect the wishes of the people and their religious leaders, and keep the church closed as it has been for the past 30 years.”


#ShortNews: Missionary priest has made 50 trips to North Korea

The Knights of Columbus recently honored an 83-year-old Maryknoll priest who has made over 50 trips to North Korea to treat tuberculosis patients.

Father Gerard E. Hammond, who lives in South Korea, is not permitted to preach during his visits to the North, though sometimes he has been permitted to wear his Roman collar.

He said:

How did people recognize the first Christians? Well they recognized them because they saw their love and concern for themselves and the small, tiny community. If you can just show a little love and concern, say, for the multi-drug-resistant TB patients in North Korea, you are fulfilling what the early Christians did.


#ShortNews: 18 NY parishes may be sold or leased

Eighteen closed New York parishes may soon be sold or leased, potentially bringing hundreds of millions of dollars of income to the Archdiocese of New York.

In separate June 30 decrees, Cardinal Timothy Dolan relegated the churches to “profane but not sordid use.”

“Will some of them be sold? I imagine so,” an archdiocese spokesman told The New York Times. “Will some of them be leased? I imagine so. Will some of them be used by the parish and converted to another use? I imagine so.”Read More »