Have A Busy Schedule?

We live in a very fast-paced world and it seems like we can never keep up with all the demands of this speed. We try harder and work faster and stay busy longer, yet it seems like the people who demand a piece of our time are more numerous than we can handle.

How does this make you feel? Frustrated? Worried? Angry? Tired? These feelings are warning signs that we need to schedule more time for ourselves, alone with God. But we feel guilty if we slow down for our own sake!

In the Gospel reading (Luke 5:12-16), Jesus shows us that we should not feel guilty. It’s good spiritual medicine to go away from the busy world and, for a little while, forget the hectic demands of normal life. It’s the principle of the Sabbath, the biblical day of rest that God himself took. Did the Creator need to restore lost energy after making the universe? Of course not. It’s an example set for our benefit.Read More »