Sharing God’s Wealth

In this Gospel reading (Mark 10:17-30), Jesus asks the rich young man, “Why do you call me good? Only God is good.” There’s a two-fold message here.

First, if the young man truly believes that Jesus is good and that his teachings are good (and wasn’t merely trying to win him over with flattery), and if he has observed his miracles and sinless life, then it should be obvious to him that all this goodness is proof that Jesus is God.

Secondly, Christ’s question offers the young man an opportunity to become more humble. If he truly believes what Jesus says, then he should realize that since only God is good, no one else, including himself, obeys the commandments perfectly. Such a realization should have opened his heart to the truth that Jesus explains next:

“There’s only one thing keeping you from being holy like God: earthly attachments. To gain freedom from this world and possess only what belongs to the kingdom of God share your treasures.”

He’s saying this to all of us, but he’s not telling us to become destitute. To “give up” everything we possess means being willing to give it away. If it’s a good thing for us to have because it blesses us, God does want us to enjoy it, but true joy comes from being God’s partner as a distributor of his wealth. It’s the fullest way to live! And we are all called to live this way.

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