2nd Sunday of Advent 2017 – Make ready the Way

Jesus is continually coming, and the dimensions of this coming are manifold. He has come. He will come again in glory. He comes in each Eucharist celebrated. He says to us in the first reading: “Comfort, O Comfort my people, she has received from the Lord’s hand double punishment for all her sins.” (Is 40:1-2). Jesus has paid the debt or our sin fully and therefore, we can already celebrate our return to the Lord. The fruit of living the Way of Jesus everyday is a real interior peace that makes us ready to meet him at any time.

What changes can we make in our lives for the year ahead? We hear the Lord always telling us: “Do not be afraid. Be without fear, live our words and actions with strength for Jesus is always with us.” (Is 40:9-11).

What sort of a way will we pave for Jesus to come into His world and for others to meet Jesus this Advent? St. Peter tells us: “…while you wait and long for the Day of God to come…do your best to live lives without spot or stain so that he will find you at peace.” The coming of the Lord does not fill His friends with fear and anxiety but rather with a joyful anticipation of one friend to another.Read More »

5 simple ways to prepare your heart for Jesus this Advent

Advent is a season of preparing.

If you have ever entertained guests, or even made the slightest effort to get ready for any company, you will see how those experiences lend themselves well to your own groundwork this Advent to invite Christ to dwell within your heart—and thus truly be ready for His second coming.

1. Prepare room at the Inn: Your heart is where Christ wishes to dwell and Advent is the perfect time to make room in it for His presence. If your heart is filled with unforgiveness, it has no room for Christ. Begin Advent by an Examination of Conscience wherein you ask your Heavenly Father to reveal to you any unforgiveness that exists in your heart. Remember that as God has forgiven you, you are also asked to forgive others.

2. Clean out the cobwebs: After an Examination of Conscience where you ask God to reveal any unforgiveness that you are holding, it is important to clean out the vestiges of cobwebs that may still be lurking in the dark corners of your heart. This means that you should make a point of getting to Confession during Advent. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is an important part of preparing your heart for Jesus; this is because the priest acts in the person of Christ in helping you identify the cobwebs that you may not be seeing on your own—typically those ones that have been hanging on for so long they no longer get your attention.Read More »