The Purpose Of Life…?

By Bruce Tallman.

The purpose of life, at least if you are a believer, is to live a life pleasing to God. Life is made up of many great and small decisions, and therefore you naturally want all your decisions to be in sync with God’s will. However, how does one discern what God’s will is?

The method for “discernment of spirits” which I outlined in a previous article is a sub-category of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s method for “discernment of God’s will in general.” So let’s look at this broader method.

To discern God’s will in general, start with some basic principles. God wants you to know what God’s will is, but God does not force his will on anyone. Thus, the first thing you need to do is to pray that God will reveal what God’s will is to you.

Ignatius noted that there are three modes of discerning God’s will: the gut, heart, and head modes. He also wrote that, before you begin to work through these modes, try to narrow things down to two options. Read More »