#ShortNews: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The theme of the 2018 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is “Your right hand, O Lord, glorious in power“ (Ex. 15:6), and the biblical text is Exodus 15:1-21. This year’s materials were developed in the Caribbean.

Everywhere and always, each Catholic has the right and the duty to give the witness and the full proclamation of his faith. With non-Catholic Christians, Catholics must enter into a respectful dialogue of charity and truth, a dialogue which is not only an exchange of ideas, but also of gifts, in order that the fullness of the means of salvation can be offered to one’s partners in dialogue. In this way, they are led to an ever deeper conversion to Christ.

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#ShortNews: Indonesia: nun rescues orphan girls from human trafficking, offers education, job skills

Sister Bernadette Saragih is a Franciscan nun. She works at the St Angela orphanage in Medan, North Sumatra province, where she helps girls and young women on their path towards independence, responsibility and integration. For years, she was involved in rescuing young women from human trafficking on Batam Island (Riau province); now she has dedicated her new apostolate to what she likes to call “a house of success”.

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#ShortNews: Beatitudes are ‘born of a merciful heart,’ Pope says at Mass in Santiago

At a Mass celebrated on January 16 in an outdoor park in Santiago, Chile, Pope Francis said that the Beatitudes are “born of the merciful heart of Jesus.”

The Pontiff reminded the congregation that the Sermon on the Mount was prompted “when Jesus saw the crowds.” The point, the Pope said, is that Jesus responds not to “ideas or concepts” but to “faces, persons.” He went on to say that the Beatitudes are “not the fruit of a hypercritical attitude or the cheap words of those who think they know it all, yet are unwilling to commit themselves to anything or anyone, and thus end up preventing any chance of generating processes of change and reconstruction in our communities and in our lives.”

An estimated 400,000 people attended the papal Mass in O’Higgins Park, where St. John Paul II had celebrated Mass for more than one million during his visit to Chile in 1987.

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