Bringing to life that part of us that is divine

Correct Christian doctrine has always held the firm belief that Jesus Christ was one person with two natures – human and divine. His human nature grew and matured in the way any human being would, where, as scripture tells us, he grew and matured in strength. He was not born as a super baby where he instantly took on the form of God in all aspects. He was so human in his appearance and form that it was just not possible that anyone who looked at this infant, without the working of any infusion of knowledge from God, would say without a doubt that this child was divine.

All of us have just one nature, which is human, but we are also called to divinity as well, meaning that we have a divine potential that can and should be nurtured and developed. Saying this has a double-edged effect because there is great caution by many preachers and even theologians to downplay this great promise in us. Those who are very conservative may hold the view that it can erroneously be the cause of an over inflated sense of self if each one of us walks around with a god-like ego. One only needs to look at the ways which society is paying the awfully high price of an exaggerated sense of the false self where each person seems to be overly interested in making himself or herself the centre of the universe.

But when this is taken in the right Christian sense where one rightly places God at the heart of life, one will grow this potential in a balanced way. One then grows right from the center, and not off-centered or eccentric, which is what “off centered” means in Latin.

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