#ShortNews: Egyptian government “legalizes” 53 church buildings

The Egyptian government has provided full legal certificates to 53 churches with annexed service buildings already built before the new law on the construction of Christian buildings of worship passed by the Egyptian Parliament on August 30th 2016.

The 53 legalized” churches represent only a first “block” of the more than 3 thousand Christian places of worship that must be taken into examination by the Government Commission to verify whether they meet the standards established by the new law. In past decades, many of the Christian places of worship to be submitted to the assessment of the Government Commission were built spontaneously, without all the necessary authorizations.


#ShortNews: Why do Hispanics leave the church?

While approximately 57 million U.S. residents identify as Latino or Hispanic, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate reports that only 30 million Hispanics identify as Catholic. About 70 percent of U.S. Latinos identified as Catholic in 2006, but today the number is closer to 57 percent.

Alejandra Bravo, the Hispanic youth ministry coordinator for the Archdiocese of Denver, said young adult Catholics just want to serve. Ms. Bravo said young Latinos face many problems today, sometimes including challenges related to their immigration status. Others simply do not feel that they belong in a parish.

The archbishop encouraged regional representatives to share their ‘faith and struggles and doubts’ with young people. “If you go into the church these days, it looks like a convention for senior citizens,” said Bishop Oscar Solis of Salt Lake City. “The young people aren’t just the future of our church, they are our church right now.”


#ShortNews: In Australia, Catholic primary schools face overhaul

Catholic primary schools in Victoria are facing one of the most significant overhauls in their 150-year history, with principals pushing to strip priests of their power over schools. The report, which was written by Australian Catholic University researchers, comes as parish priests in the Sale diocese have surrendered their power in schools.

This comes as the Catholic Education system faces criticism about transparency and funding, including in a 2016 report by the Victorian Auditor General. Victorian Catholic schools receive more than $2 billion a year in federal and state government funding.