#ShortNews: China insists on control over Church

“China’s constitution is clear,” said Chen Zongrong, an official for the government’s religious-affairs office. “Foreign forces cannot be allowed to interfere with China’s religious environment and religious affairs.” The Beijing regime recently announced that all religious affairs would come under the control of the Communist Party.

Chen confirmed that the government is working toward an agreement with the Vatican, which would give the government authority to appoint new bishops, leaving the Pope with veto power over the proposed candidates. He stressed that the agreement would ensure that the Catholic Church would be fully Chinese.

The Chinese government has also released a new “white paper” on religion, stressing that “religions must be Chinese in orientation.” The government policy paper states that religions must be subject to the “active guidance” of the state.

Read More: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/White-Paper-on-Religions:-Beijing-defends-itself-43516.html OR https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2018-04-02/china-says-has-made-real-efforts-toward-establishing-vatican-relations


#ShortNews: Syriac Catholic patriarch sees ‘real hope that Iraq could be reborn’

“there is real hope that Iraq could be reborn after so many years of turmoil,” says His Beatitude Ignace Joseph III Younan, the patriarch of Antioch and All the East for Syriac Catholics since 2009.

There is real hope that Iraq could be reborn after so many years of turmoil. Iraqi Christians have suffered a lot during the past three generations or so. They deserve to live in liberty and dignity of equal citizenship. For that, they rely on the countries that have a say on the international scene, in order to experience the peace of their Resurrected Lord and God, Jesus.

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#ShortNews: English bishop: do not approach Communion if your life is at odds with the Gospel

Receiving Holy Communion is “the most radical call to holiness” that any person can encounter, the Bishop of Shrewsbury will say in a pastoral letter this coming weekend.

Catholics must realise instead that through the Real Presence, the gift of Christ’s Body and Blood is the means to become the saint each of us is called to be.

Holy Communion restores strength to the faithful, breaks disordered attachments, separates Catholics from sin and helps them root their whole lives in Christ, the bishop will say. Catholics must also repent of any mortal sin or lifestyle which contradicts their calling as Christians before they can receive Communion, Bishop Davies will remind his diocese.

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