#ShortNews: Don’t postpone Baptism, Pope urges parents

Pope Francis has urged parents to baptize their children soon after birth, thus giving them the opportunity – and the free gift – of having Jesus Christ live inside them from the beginning. He was speaking during the weekly General Audience.

With a special appeal to new parents he highlighted the fact that Baptism is an unmerited gift, the door to the other sacraments, thanks to which Christians are able to grow in a life of grace until reaching their true homeland in heaven.

“The baptismal font illuminates all of our life, guiding our steps toward the Jerusalem in Heaven,” he said.

Thus, he said in off-the-cuff remarks, “don’t put off baptizing your children with the excuse that ‘he or she is unable to understand”, this attitude he said indicates that “you do not trust in the Holy Spirit”.

Read full story: https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2018-04/pope-at-general-audience-baptism-christifies-us-.html

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