Saint Mary of Cleophas

Mary of Cleophas (Μαρία ἡ τοῦ Κλωπᾶ, A. V. “of Cleophas”), who followed Our Lord and described by John as standing by the cross of Jesus in company with his mother and Mary Magdalene (Joh 19:25).

The Protestant Tyndale Bible Dictionary notes that “this woman goes by several names, but in each account she appears among Jesus’ faithful female disciples, standing by the cross and witnessing the empty tomb.” Theresa Doyle Nelson points out that “St. Mary of Cleophas seems to have a variety of titles within the Bible. She is referred to as Mary the mother of James and Joseph (Mt. 27:56), the other Mary (Mt. 27:61), Mary the mother of the younger James and Joses (Mk. 15:40), Mary the mother of Joses (Mk. 15:47), and Mary the mother of James (Mk. 16:1 and Luke 24:10). Her view echoes that of St. Jerome’s that “it is customary in Scripture for the same individual to bear different names.”Read More »