#ShortNews: China: churches demolished, bishop’s tomb desecrated, children forbidden in churches

“The Catholic Church in the province of Henan, in central China, is violently persecuted! Pray for them! “: This is the appeal we received yesterday from different parts of China, along with a list of violent acts that have occurred in recent weeks and which we publish below. The last one in the order of time: the plaque and the tomb of Msgr. Li Hongye, was desecrated and destroyed (see photo 1). Msgr. Li (1920-2011) was bishop of Luoyang, recognized by the Holy See, but not by the government. He spent decades in forced labor camps and dozens more under house arrest. The faithful believe the tomb was targeted because the bore the signs of his episcopal office.

The most squalid violence took place in Zhengzhou: on Easter Sunday, last April 1st, during the mass, representatives of the government entered the church and forcibly removed all the children and young people under 18 to enforce the prohibition that is now being applied throughout China: it is forbidden to guarantee religious education to minors under the age of 18. Since then, every Sunday there are government employees at the entrance of the churches to enforce the implementation of the ban.

The reasons for this wave of persecution are various. Read More: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Churches-demolished,-desecrated-tombs,-kindergartens-closed:-persecution-in-the-Henan-Church-%28Video%29-43677.html

#ShortNews: Church must defend marriage without excluding anyone

One of Ireland’s top bishops says that while the upcoming World Meeting of Families this August must offer a “clear and positive vision for family,” rooted in the traditional understanding of marriage, the Church also must not be marred by homophobia.

“The Catholic Church itself struggles to find a language by which it can relate to people, not just LGBT people but people who feel they have fallen short of the kind of vision or the kind of ideal of what Catholic marriage and family life is about,” said Martin, who served as a delegate in the 2014 and 2015 Synods of Bishops on the Family, cited the tensions at the previous synods on how the Church should welcome LGBT members and the extent to which certain relationships could be affirmed.

Despite such challenges, Martin told Crux that Pope Francis remains incredibly popular in the country and that they’re trying to use that goodwill to extend to other areas of Catholic life in advance of the August meeting.

Read More: https://cruxnow.com/global-church/2018/04/18/irish-prelate-says-summit-must-uphold-marriage-but-not-homophobia/

#ShortNews: Boom in religious vocations from Catholic homeschoolers

Across the country, a noticeable trend is on the rise. Data indicates young men with a homeschool background are four-times more likely to enter seminaries than those educated in Catholic institutions.

Compare survey data against the estimated 100,000 Catholic homeschool students to the 2 million educated in Catholic schools. “The evidence is highly encouraging. Going forward, the impact could be enormous,” said Draper Warren.

What exactly are motivating factors for discerning the vocation of the priesthood? Most certainly, the Holy Spirit, more than likely, the support and encouragement of families and parish priests, and, of course, vibrant homeschool communities. But could traditional Catholic homeschool programs influence seminarian enrollment?

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