#ShortNews: Why the Chinese government is targeting young Christians in its latest crackdown

Ying Fuk Tsang, the director of the school of divinity at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said the Communist Party saw the growth of Christianity as a threat to its rule. In official literature, he said, the party often regarded the spread of Christianity or Islam as a “fight over souls” or a “fight over the next generation.”

“No one may use religion to disrupt social order, harm citizens or impede the national education system,” the letter said, quoting the national constitution, regulations on religious affairs and laws on education and the protection of children, although none of these directly forbid children from participating in religion.

“Let children stay away from religion,” it said, noting that developing minds were prone to the dangers of “illegal religious activities and religious extremism” and that keeping children out of religious venues was a “guarantee of a bright future.” Ucanews.com added that parents were required to sign a letter, provide their children’s names and return the letter to the schools.

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#ShortNews: Thousands of Catholics pray Rosary around the coast of Britain

Thousands of Catholics across Britain and abroad prayed the rosary across Britain for ‘faith, life and peace. The event, which is believed to be the biggest Catholic gathering since the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, saw over 400 groups pray at sites along the British coast, and a few abroad. Crowds varied in size from single families to several hundred people at some locations.

Fr Ross Crichton, who led the group on the Isle of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides, described the day as “glorious”. The group, he said, prayed in both English and Gaelic, after which the children buried a Miraculous Medal in the sand.

Meanwhile, Fr Tom Grufferty led a group in Gosport, Hampshire. “As soon as we began the ancient prayer of the rosary there was a real spirit of a community with everybody raising their minds and hearts to God in Prayer,” he said.

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#ShortNews: ‘God works surprising great wonders,’ bishop says following Korean summit

Bishop You: “We entrust to our Korean martyrs peace in Korea Daejeon (Agenzia Fides) – “I was deeply moved while watching on television the meeting of the two Korean leaders. Then I prayed, I thanked God and gave my blessing too. I am truly happy because a new era has opened: truy we can God works surprising great wonders”: with these words Bishop Lazzaro You Heung-sik, of the diocese of Daejeon and president of the Bishops Commission for Society, comments for Fides the historic meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the South Korean president Moon Jae-in , held today in Panmunjom, in a demilitarised zone in south Korea.

“I invoked the protection of the Blessed Mary and the Korean martyrs: to them I entrust this journey towards reconciliation peace, for the good of the entire Korean people and all humanity”, the Bishop adds.

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