#ShortNews: German archbishop: Pope Francis has hinted his support for intercommunion proposal

A German bishop has said he believes Pope Francis has given a clear nod of approval to the German episcopal conference’s controversial proposal which would allow some Protestant spouses to receive Holy Communion.

Three-quarters of German bishops voted in February in support of the draft proposal to allow Holy Communion for some Protestant spouses of mixed marriages. The bishops want the proposal published as a “pastoral handout,” but seven German bishops have opposed it, principally arguing that it touches on “the faith and unity of the Church” and so should not be “subject to a vote.”

After representatives of both parties met in Rome last week with Vatican officials, including Archbishop Luis Ladaria, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Pope handed the matter back to the German bishops, asking them to find, “in a spirit of ecclesial communion, a unanimous result, if possible.”

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#ShortNews: Christians in Indonesia feel ‘desperate, terrorized’ by church bombings

“THERE HAS never been an attack like this before in Surabaya. Christians in Indonesia are feeling desperate and terrorized, but I have told my faithful not to be afraid. For that is precisely what the terrorists want—to make us frightened.” This was the message to from Archbishop Robertus Rubiyatmoko of Semarang, which is part of the same ecclesiastical province as the Diocese of Surabaya.

The archbishop described the reaction of the local Christian community, following the dramatic suicide attacks May 13, 2018, which struck one Catholic and two Protestants churches, 14 people died and 40 more injured.

He concluded with an appeal: “Pray for the people of Indonesia, and above all for us Christians. We are facing an extremely difficult moment, because there are so many terrorists working in the shadows and hoping to frighten us away. Pray for us, that we may be able to live in peace and serenity.”

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#ShortNews: Marawi Catholics join Muslims in welcoming Ramadan

Catholics in the battle-scarred southern Philippine city of Marawi have joined the predominantly Muslim community in welcoming the start of the Islamic month of Ramadan this week. A thousand Catholic and Muslim residents participated in the start of the “Duyog Ramadan” celebration spearheaded by the Catholic prelature in the city’s Datu Saber district on May 13.

The annual celebration, which started in 1979, aims to encourage Christian families to “accompany” their Muslim neighbors in fasting, prayer and service to the poor.

Reynaldo Barnido, executive secretary of Duyog Marawi, said the Ramadan activity would not only be a symbolic gesture for Catholics but “a vow to accompany Muslims even in the hardest times.” And a celebration of victory against individuals and groups who intended to destroy the unity we’re forging between Christians and Muslims.

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