Humbly We Adore Thee


Humbly we adore thee, Christ, Redeemer, King;
Thou art Lord of heaven, thou to whom we sing.
God, the Mighty, thou has come, bearing gifts of grace;
Son of Adam still thou art: Savior to our race.

Jesus, Lord, we thank thee for this wondrous bread;
In our land thou dwellest, by thee we are fed.
We who share this mystery in thee are made one;
Ev’ry act we offer thee in thy name is done.

Thou who died to save us livest as our light;
Though our eyes are blinded, yet our faith gives sight.
Christ, do thou be merciful, Lamb for sinners slain,
We in grief confess our guilt; cleanse our souls of stain.

Christ, our God and brother, hear our humble plea;
By this holy banquet keep us joined to thee.
Make us one in loving thee, one in mind and heart,
Till in heaven we are thine, never more to part.

Hail, thou Word Incarnate, born from Mary’s womb;
Hail, thou Strength immortal, risen from the tomb.
Share with us thy victory, Savior ever blest:
Live more fully in our hearts; be our constant quest.

Faith alone reveals here bread of Paradise;
Faith alone may witness Jesus’ sacrifice.
Therefore, Lord, as once of old Thomas gained his sight,
Now increase our feeble faith; shed thy healing light.

Christ, at his last supper, breaking bread, decreed:
“This, my Body, take and eat;” heav’nly food indeed!
Then he blessed the cup of wine; “Take ye this,” he said:
“Drink the chalice of my Blood, soon for sinners shed.”

Now with glad thanksgiving, praise Christ glorified;
He in us is present; we in him abide.
Members of his body, we in him are one;
Hail this sacred union, heav’n on earth begun!

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