Trusting in the light of Christ in an imperfect Church

The institutional Church is not perfect. We know it. The secular media like to point it out whenever they have the opportunity. And many Catholics no longer go to Mass because of it.

Whether it’s the very disturbing scandals of the molestation of children and other abuses by priests, or bullying by parish managers, or the judgmentalism of lay persons whose sharp words condemn, or unpastoral bishops, it’s all scandalous, because it’s all anti-evangelization — it’s not Christ-like.

However, there’s good news in this! The pain of doing something to stop what’s bad, and the embarrassment of facing the need for change, and even the pain of negative media attention, are a cross that leads to resurrection.

The Church — the imperfect representation of Christ — can always be resurrected into a better Servant. It starts with you and me. It includes how well we love abusers in addition to caring for the abused and how well we affirm the holy priests we do have so that they become visible role models. It includes standing up to bullies while finding a way to do it with mercy. It includes silencing judgmentalism while extending a hand of love to the judgmental, while also supporting the judged.

Any form of abuse or unloving response to abuse by a Christian is a grave sin, because it harms the whole Body of Christ as it turns away the unbelievers who are watching. How far should we go to stop this? What are we willing to sacrifice to heal the Body of Christ?Read More »