The Unfolding Of Your Soul

God’s economics

Poverty, as exampled by many Saints, is not the only path of holiness. On the Gospel reading (Luke 16:1-13) tells us how a person can be affluent and holy at the same time — as exampled by other Saints.

If we recognize that our possessions are gifts from God that are meant to enhance his kingdom, we are holy. But if we cling to money and material wealth as if they are meant only for our own benefit, we’ve divided ourselves from God, because God’s Word emphasizes the importance of distributing to others a generous portion of everything we’ve received.

When acquiring wealth is a higher priority than distributing what we already have, God is not our master. This is true not only with material goods, but with everything else that is good, too.

We are all richly blessed one way or another: How readily to do use your riches for the benefit of others?Read More »