#ShortNews: Protester at church yells, ‘Shame on you!’ as Cardinal Wuerl addresses sex abuse scandal

As the embattled Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, addressed the Catholic Church’s clergy sexual abuse scandal on Sunday, one Catholic yelled “Shame on you!” while another turned her back on Wuerl in protest.

Wuerl, who faces accusations that he mishandled clergy sexual misconduct while he was a bishop in Pittsburgh, addressed Washington’s Annunciation Catholic Church, where the cardinal was installing a new pastor. In a short speech after the Mass, Wuerl asked the 200 or so people in the congregation to forgive his “errors in judgment” and “inadequacies.”

“Yes, my brothers and sisters, shame,” Wuerl said. “I wish I could re-do everything over these 30 years as a bishop and each time get it always right. That’s not the case. I do think together, asking for God’s mercy, pleading for God’s grace, recognizing that we can move into light, I simply ask you to keep me, keep all of those that have been abused, all of those who have suffered, all of the church in your prayers.”

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#ShortNews: Singapore archbishop sees sex-abuse scandal as ‘wake-up call’

In light of recent reports of the cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania, Archbishop of Singapore, Most Reverend William Goh assured that there have been no cover-ups in Singapore’s archdiocese, and that guidelines have been put in place to reduce the risk of such abuses, said the Archbishop in a pastoral letter on Saturday addressed to the Church.

All priests and religious workers employed by the archdiocese must now declare that they have not been convicted of any sex offences. Those with known records will not be allowed to work in ministry or “mingle with the vulnerable”, he said. Furthermore, seminarians and novices will also be subjected to more stringent psychological tests and background checks before they are accepted into the priestly or religious life.

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#ShortNews: Indian priest thanks Muslims for help with flood relief

An Indian Catholic priest spoke to an assembly of the Muslim faithful gathered in a mosque for Friday prayers, thanking them for humanitarian aid received after the recent floods in Kerala. As Fides learns, Fr. Joseph Puthussery visited the Juma mosque at Vechoor in Kottayam district, Kerala (state of South India) and delivered a thanksgiving speech at the prayer hall. The priest reported that, with a spirit of great solidarity, many Muslim faithful brought food and assistance to the flood victims who had taken shelter at his church, located in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly.

Fr Puthussery recalled the appeal of Pope Francis to “build bridges, not walls”, underlining the need to continue interreligious collaboration to promote harmony in society. “This fraternal bond must not cease: we will have to transmit the values we have rediscovered through this calamity to new generations”, he added.

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