Weeds and flowers in God’s bouquet

Jesus’ explanation about the harvest at the end of time, which is told in our Gospel reading (Matthew 13:36-43), raises, in my mind, the question: Why do we have to wait until the end of the world for God to rescue us from evildoers? I want them out of my life — NOW!

Oops, how selfish of me! That would make my life extremely easier, but what about the people who are weeds in my plot of land in the field? What about their lives? What about their eternal lives?

We Christians are nurtured in the garden of God’s love to grow strong and tall, as beautiful flowers, so that we can make the world a prettier place. We have been commissioned by Christ to go into the world with our fragrance, which is the perfume of heaven, to affect the lives of the weedy, so that they, too, will want to convert into flowers for the bouquet of God’s kingdom.Read More »