How To Walk On Water Or Fly Like A Butterfly

The reading from Matthew 14:22-36 teaches us that to stay above water we have to keep our eyes on Jesus instead of the problems that are drowning us. Have you ever wondered why just believing in Jesus isn’t enough?

The problem lies in not knowing who we really are. How can we follow Jesus by walking on storm-tossed waves if we don’t realize that we are the Father’s precious loved ones? We sink because we doubt that God will protect us. Doubt comes from being uncertain about his love for us or about his generosity or his dreams for us. We think that since we’re not good enough to deserve his caring support, he withholds his compassion from us. Storms and waves seem to be evidence that he doesn’t care about us or approve of us.

So, of course we sink in troubled waters!

What we don’t realize is that as God’s children, we have his love and concern whether we deserve it or not. And as followers of Jesus, we belong on the waves. As followers of Jesus, we have to get out of the boat and walk on water, following him wherever he goes, doing whatever he tells us. For Christians, life is quite an adventure.

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