The deepest part of you is God

13th century German theologian, philosopher and mystic Meister Eckhart is a rather unknown and obscure spiritual master in this neck of the woods that is South East Asia, and for several reasons.  Apart from the fact that not many people actually read the works of mystics and philosophers in general, their being alive so long ago makes them even more obscure.  As a student of philosophy in the seminary, I only heard of him being referred to vaguely in passing, but in my own readings of some current-day mystics and spiritual writers, I have experienced renewed interest by how deeply true some of his thoughts were, and how, because they speak of an abiding truth, are just as applicable now as they were more than a thousand years ago. 

One of those truisms is that the deepest part of us is God.  When I read that Eckhart was always concerned with the spiritual transformation of his flock, it was as if I had met a kindred soul.  I believe strongly that this is what I too am most concerned with – that those I minister to will somehow be just as concerned with their spiritual transformation. Read More »