Laudate, Laudate Dominum


Laudate, Laudate Dominum,
omnes gentes, laudate dominum.
Exsultate, jubilate per anos Dominia, omnes gentes.
We praise you, we praise your holy name,
God of justice, eternally the same.
May our living be thanksgiving,
rejoicing in your name now and always.

In the faith of Christ we walk hand in hand,
light before our path as the Lord has planned;
shining the torch of faith in our land:
in the name of Christ Jesus.

In the name of Christ we will spread the seed;
share the Word of God with all those in need,
faithful in thought and word and deed:
in the name of Christ Jesus.

In the Church of Christ, we answer the Savior’s call,
serving as he showed us, both great and small,
sharing the Lord’s compassion for all:
in the name of Christ Jesus.

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