#MoralStory: HTDO – Hold The Door Open

Mathews, a hotshot sales manager was in the parking lot of a shopping mall on a Sunday evening. The parking lot was packed. Cars were crawling with anxious drivers looking for that one vacant slot. Mathews, sharp and aggressive as he was known to be, spotted a vacant space ahead and quickly zoomed in. He could see another car trying to reverse into the same slot, but Mathews was determined to beat the other man to it. And he did! Mathews felt jubilant – as we all sometimes do with Life’s Little Victories. The old man driving the car was disappointed. He looked Mathews in the eyes and continued his search for another parking slot.

Two days later, Mathews was preparing for one of the biggest moments of his career. He was close to winning a big contract for his company. And all that was left now was the formal handshake meeting with the client’s CEO. As Mathews walked into the client’s office and saw the CEO, he felt a sudden surge of discomfort, his legs trembling.Read More »