It takes trust to follow Jesus

Following Jesus requires a tremendous amount of trust. Look at the widow in Gospel reading (Luke 21:1-4). How could she give what she could not afford? Did she believe that God would reward her with a kitchen full of groceries? Probably not. That wasn’t the point Jesus was trying to make. What she gave more of, Jesus implied, was love. She was more in love with God than those who based their donations on the surplus of their wealth. Her stewardship was based on her love for God and her awareness of his love for her.

Trust comes from a mutual exchange of genuine love. We’ve become distrustful because people have violated our trust. Of course, we know that God is far more trustable than they are. Thus, we can be like that widow who loved God so much that trusting him to take care of her felt natural.

Think of Christian parents who send their grown children off into their adult lives. The newly fledged, inexperienced young adults explore their independence in a college or work environment where there are many temptations to discard what their parents have taught them. This usually coincides with letting go of their parents’ faith in order to take personal ownership of the faith, which can take years and which makes them even more vulnerable to temptation, especially in today’s culture.Read More »