#MoralStory: Two Kinds of Justice

A Greek philosopher was walking along one day, thinking about things, when he saw two very tall women towering away in the distance; they were the size of several men placed one on top of another. The philosopher, as wise as he was fearful, ran to hide behind some bushes, intending to listen to their conversation. The huge women came and sat nearby, but before they could start speaking the King’s youngest son appeared. He was bleeding from one ear and shouted pleadingly towards the women:

“Justice! I want justice! That villain cut my ear!” He pointed to another boy, his younger brother, who arrived wielding a bloody sword.

“We will be delighted to give you justice, young Prince,” replied the two women, “That’s why we are the goddesses of justice. Just choose which of the two of us you would prefer to help you.”

“What’s the difference?” the victim asked, “What would each of you do?”

“I,” said one of the goddesses, who looked the more weak and delicate, “will ask your brother what was the cause of his action, and I will listen to his explanation. Then I will oblige him to protect your other ear with his life, and to make you the most beautiful helmet to cover your scar and to be your ears when you need it.”Read More »