Saint Paula Frassinetti

Paula Frassinetti becomes a child of God on the same day she is born. She receives baptism in the Parish of Santo Stefano in Genoa, her native town. The third child after Giuseppe and Francesco, Paula grows in the peaceful atmosphere of her home which is later blessed by the birth of two other boys: Giovanni and Raffaele. Her mother is a model of virtue for her, and little Paula delicately opens herself to divine grace which works marvels in her according to God’s plan.

Young Paula led a happy life in Genoa, Italy, until she was 9. That was when her mother died, in 1818, leaving Paula to care for her father and four brothers and their household. At this young age, she made many sacrifices to give attention to her family.

Her older brother, Giuseppi, went on to study for the priesthood — as did all of her brothers — and his discussions with Paula about God and faith led her to believe she might have a vocation. But her father could not imagine how the family would manage without her, and she was forced to put her dreams aside.

Her first Holy Communion and her brother Giuseppe’s ordination are moments of deep reflection for her who already feels, in the depth of her heart, the divine call. Within the family circle she learns to read and write, and she also receives her basic formation.Read More »