Only God’s love can propel our pain to being purposeful

If God loves us, there should be no suffering and afflictions. This may sound right, but I’m afraid that this is also a wrong conclusion to bad and incorrect theology.

It is so commonplace to find atheists coming up with this argument against the existence of God – that if he exists, and if he is indeed a God of love and goodness, then the very existence of turmoil and suffering and anxiety in life proves that God does not exist. This is the same trite argument over and over again in the vitriol that goes on in comments made by angry atheists on the Internet whenever someone makes a reference to God’s love or providence in life.

I guess to be fair, it is a logical conclusion to arrive at if one’s notion of God is one whose raison d’etre is diametrically opposed to sin, suffering, pain and fear. God’s very omnipotence then should also render him being capable of obliterating all traces of things that he detests. For these pundits, omnipotence equals Omni control. I do understand this kind of logic, but it is a flawed logic.Read More »