The Gate That Leads To Breakthroughs

Are you at an impasse in your spiritual growth or emotional healing or a difficult relationship? Do you need a breakthrough? Do you feel stuck behind a fence that’s keeping you on the outside of peace, joy, satisfaction, or healing?

In the Gospel reading (John 10:1-10), Jesus identifies himself as a gate that opens to allow good shepherds (his representatives) to guide and care for the sheep in the pasture (the Church). We are the sheep he protects from wolfish spirits who want to snatch us away from the truth and healing and nourishment that God provides. We will stay in his protection by recognizing the voices of good shepherds who help us receive all that God wants to provide.

Inside the protection of the pasture, we live apart from the realm of sin and earthly restrictions. Inside is where we can “have life and have it more abundantly.”

What breakthrough from earthly limitations and inadequacies are you yearning for? What problems seem hopeless? What prayers are still unanswered? Read More »