Finding Hope in The Midst of Discouragement

Are you feeling discouraged? Then get your focus back onto Jesus!

Jesus is your reason to hope, not the circumstances nor the people in your life. God is bigger than your worst problem, and he cares – he really, really cares about you. But he doesn’t wave a magic wand to make everything suddenly become easy and nice and happy. What holiness would we learn in that? And how would the people who are troubling us gain humility?

If we could visit the far future and look back at this time and see two optional paths – one in which God took us on a short-cut to the end of our problems and one in which we walked all the way through the dark valley with Jesus – we would definitely prefer the latter. There is so much more to be gained! More blessings, more triumphs, more spiritual growth, more benefit to the others who are on the journey with us, more ministry that comes from it so that we make a bigger difference in helping others, and so on, lots more.

However, letting go of our wish for everything to be easy and nice and happy right now is a difficult death. We’ll mourn, but grieving helps us get beyond it to the joy of the resurrection that springs from hardships.Read More »