I Give Up ~ by Laura Story


I belong I belong to the maker of earth and seas

Who’s as rich as a King yet so gentle and kind towards me

I am not cared for by a servant hired

But a Shepherd who would leave the ninety-nine

So when I give up, I gain

When I let go of having my own way

When I learn to see my surrender as a brand new start

To know the fullness of my Father’s heart

I will rest I will rest not in worldly security

Not in what I may try to control that’s controlling me

What if faith is simpler than I’ve made it be

Just a simple trusting in Your love for me

So here’s my life to take

Though You’ve heard this prayer a thousand other days

Make this moment more than just empty words

I say; Let it be a start to know the fullness of my Father’s heart

Take my life and let it be Consecrated Lord to Thee