How confidence in God defeats the Devil

Can you be confident in God? I mean, so confident that you’re relaxed even while waiting for your prayers to be answered and for the crisis to pass and for your troubles to end? That’s my goal, too, but ohhh how hard it is to trust so much that we actually relax, huh?! I’m better at it now than I used to be, and I hope that I’m relaxed enough to be a good witness to those around me. But … I have to keep apologizing to our Lord for doubting his trustworthiness.

When someone doubts your trustworthiness, how do you feel? There’s a loved one in my life who refuses to believe he can trust me. Despite the evidence I give him, despite my reassurances, despite the wonderful experiences in our past relationship, he professes demonic lies about me. (Any lie is demonic, because it’s a slap in the face to the Spirit of Truth, i.e., the Holy Spirit. When lies are used to keep people apart, they are also anti-love, i.e., anti-Christ.)

Can you imagine how I feel as I long to give him my love but I’m unable to because he blocks it? Perhaps you’ve experienced the same longing. That’s how God feels when we lack confidence in him.

Every reason that seems to justify our lack confidence in God is demonic, because it’s a lie and it keeps us from entering into the fullness of his love. It holds us back from showing others that God is good. It robs us of the power to live victoriously. Satan is thrilled when Christians are disempowered.

The cure is to rest in the arms of Jesus. A prayer meditation about resting in the arms of Jesus melts our stress and causes us to relax. When we feel relaxed, it’s much easier to be confident in God.

~ Good News Ministries ~