Saint Severus of Antioch

Severus was born in the city of Sozopolis in Pisidia in c. 459, or c. 465, into an affluent Christian family, however, later monophysite sources would assert that his parents were pagan. According to Severus’ hagiography, he was named after his paternal grandfather as he had received a vision in which he was told, “the child who is for your son will strengthen Orthodoxy, and his name will be after your name”.

He came from a wealthy family and was sent to Alexandria to study after his father’s death. He continued his studies in Beirut where he came under the influence of a group of Christian students. He began to study the writings of Ss Gregory of Nazianzen and Basil and at some time in this period he was baptised.

Once, the saint was strolling outside the city, a shut-in saint came out of his cave crying, “Welcome to you Severus, teacher of Orthodoxy, and Patriarch of Antioch.” Severus marveled at how he called him by his name, for he did not know him before, and how he foretold what would become of him.

In 508, he journeyed with two hundred monks to Constantinople to defend the doctrine and remained there about three years until 511. A year and a few more months later, Flavian II, patriarch of Antioch, was deposed, and Severus was elected by the Holy Spirit to succeed him to the Apostolic See. He was consecrated a patriarch in Antioch on November 06th, 512, after which he opened the treasures of his knowledge in preaching and explaining the realities of faith and morals.Read More »