#MoralStory: More Month Than Money

More month than money is a staple in our household.

As a single, disabled mother of two (one in college) on a fixed income, saying that money is tight is an understatement. Our living situation dictated that we move from the overpriced rented apartment we had been in for nearly three years to something more affordable.

Divine providence led us to a wonderful house that the owners needed to sell right away because the wife’s job had moved to another state.  Blessing #1, the mortgage payment would be significantly less than our apartment had been.

A few months later, I felt led to donate money to my church’s world hunger drive.  I gave a few dollars, but felt God telling me that local families were hungry too.  So, I planned to gather a few canned goods and staples to take to the local food bank, but again, seemed to hear God telling me that cash was the way to go.

“But I can barely pay my family’s bills now.  How can I afford to give money to feed other families?” I thought. I figured God must somehow be affiliated with Nike because his response was, “Just do it.” I did as instructed, wondering which bill I could skip paying that month.Read More »