#MoralStory: The Delivery Plan

I had a bit of an epiphany just now as I reflect on something that happened to me last night.

Every Friday and Saturday night I moonlight as a food courier for a local food delivery company – and this is in addition to my regular, daytime, 40 hours a week full time job. I work this 2nd job to pay off some bank and personal debt that have accumulated due to some unfortunate circumstances that have happened to me the last few years.

Anyway, something happened to me last night that gave me an insight into how God operates.

It was about 1.5 hours prior to the end of my shift and I got an order in which the restaurant and customer’s house were pretty far away from each other – but in the case of my job this is actually a good thing since

  1. a) the customer gets charged a higher delivery fee which is paid to me and
  2. b) unlike other orders, this customer is a good tipper which means this order is lucrative enough to start out with.

Anyway, I picked up the customer’s food and drove to the customer’s house. Despite the fact I was using Google Maps I was having problems finding the customer’s house. I called the customer to ask him how to get to his house and clarified his address. He then told me the address on the order was wrong – the address on the order was 72 Avenue and 138 Street, and the customer told me his address was actually 138 Avenue and 72 Street. I then became infuriated and notified my dispatcher that the address on the order was wrong (they have put the wrong address on the order in the past, so a precedent had been set for my frustration).

By this time I had already spent 30 mins on this order and wasn’t happy to hear this – and I had already lost another order which got reassigned to another customer in the process, meaning I had just lost income because of this screw-up! In my city, the address on the order is in the Southwest end of the city and the customer’s actual address is now in the Northeast end of the city. I had a 30-minute drive at night to get to the customer’s actual address now. Whoops. So, I plugged the new information into Google Maps and made my way to the actual address.Read More »